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Product Detail
PS-381 Touch Screen Iimer

Name: Multifunctional 鉵 screen timer
Model: PS-381
Function Description:
1. Minutes and seconds countdown: display minutes and seconds, countdown setting
   range: 0~99 minutes 59 seconds.
2. Hour and minute countdown: display hours and minutes, countdown setting
   range: 0~99 hours and 59 minutes.
3. Minutes and seconds counting: display minutes and seconds, counting
   range: 0~99 minutes and 59 seconds.
4. Hour and minute timing: display hour and minute, timing range: 0~99 hours and
   59 minutes.
5. With backlight function: there is button operation and the light will be on
   at the end of the countdown, convenient Use at night.
6. There are two three-position toggle switches on the side, one control: sound,
   mute, shutdown;The other is used to select functions: minute-second timer,
   hour-minute timer, clock.
7. There are magnets, brackets and spare hanging holes on the back. Can be
    adsorbed on the metal surface, placed on Desktop or hang on the wall.
8. Battery: Two AAA batteries.

Specification attributes:
Product size: 87 X 81 X 23.5 mm
Screen size: 66 X 60 mm
Net weight: 107 grams